Video Installation


View from the High Line Park of Studio Windows

New York, NY

CREEPS is a site-specific performance and video installation viewed from New York’s High Line Park. It features three masked women that are projected on the windows of Hovnanian's studio overlooking the High Line.   From below, these eerie human illusions are seen smoking, eavesdropping, and laughing at passers-by.  Along with the video projections, CREEPS includes a performative element in which an actress identically dressed to the masked woman hides in the bushes by the High Line Park while spying on people through binoculars. These women, masked and dressed in sterile robes and a platinum wig, personify the “otherization” of the three ethereal counterparts above, blurring the distinction between the viewers and the viewed.  CREEPS depicts society’s insatiable need to be everywhere and know everything ceaselessly, questioning our notion of privacy and calling attention to the pervasive surveillance in the lived and dual realities we inhabit. The viewer is crucial and constitutive to the work- without their response, there is no reflection.