Foreplay is a sparsely-furnished bed chamber at night. Its center-piece is a wall-mounted mattress that doubles as a video screen.  This video depicts the bedtime behavior of a range of couples and singles, showing the reality that so many people sleep with their smart phones.  Shot from above, the viewer is looking down into a tangle of their sheets from a vantage point that implicates viewers as fly-on-the-ceiling voyeurs. In a few of the vignettes, a small white mouse noses through the bedding unnoticed by the bed’s occupants.  The sole lighting used in Foreplay emanates from handheld devices illuminating faces using strong blue beams while casting all else in a shadow.  As the visitor enters the space they are instructed to pick up a rotary phone which plays the 1934 song “Isn’t it Romantic” sung by Maurice Chevalier