Perfect Baby Showroom

Interactive Installation

2014- 2016

Leila Heller Gallery New York, New York

Palm Springs Art Fair

Dallas Art Fair

In Perfect Baby Showroom, the perfect infant is available in a laboratory meets shopping mall where parents determine the lives and physical characteristics of their babies who will grow to be perfect humans. Arranged in straight rows and displayed in neat stainless steel racks, Rachel’s hyper-realistic perfect babies are miracles of nature, yet they are also an inventory of infants to be loved, and products to be prized. Their heads rest on pillows filled with colorful genetically modified, sugary cereals puffed full of air.

Attendants assisted visitors in putting on lab coats, sanitizing their hands before selecting, and picking up a child.  Per the artist’s instructions, they then post pictures of themselves cradling their perfect baby of choice on social media. Perfect Baby Showroom engages the viewer in a communicative, intersubjective experience. Using pre-determined hashtags, Hovnanian was able to interact with viewers long after they left the showroom, thereby extending the experience beyond the gallery.