Selected Press and Publications

2016 | W Magazine
"At the Dallas Art Fair, Everything's for Sale Including Babies"
Stephanie Eckardt

2016 | Dallas Morning News
"Would you like to order the 'perfect' genetically engineered baby? A Dallas billboard says you can"
Michael Granberry

2016 | Bullett
"More is more at the Dallas Art Fair"
Allyson Shiffman

2016 | The Creators Project
"Our 11 Favorite Works from the Dallas Art Fair"
Emerson Rosenthall

2016 | Patron
"Act Now: Buy the Perfect Baby at Dallas Art Fair"
Chris Byrne

2016 | D Magazine
"The Bio-Engineered Future of Perfect Baby Showroom Comes to the Dallas Art Fair"
Bethany Radkliff

2016 | Paper City
"The 10 Most Intriguing People at the Fair:  Your Peek Inside Dallas' Art Extravaganza"
Catherine D. Anspon

2015 | Indy Week
"Seeing isn’t always believing in the new exhibit at Durham’s 21c Museum Hotel" 
Brian Howe

2015 | The Huffington Post
"Is This Happening in Your Bedroom? What Foreplay Looks Like Now"
Mary Alice Stephenson

2014 | Art Fuse
"Art Fuse Presents the Best in Show of 2014"
Oscar Laluyan

2014 | Modern Painters
"Reviews: Rachel Lee Hovnanian"
Alanna Martinez

2014 | Interview Magazine
Rachel Lee Hovnanian Versus The Future
Rachel Small

2014 | Daily Mail
How addicted to technology are you? From choosing your phone over sex to ignoring your own children, one artist explores the effects of being 'plugged in'
Annable Fenwick Elliot

2014 | Blouin ARTINFO
Rachel Lee Hovnanian is Creating a Free Cereal Bar in SoHo
Ashton Cooper

2014 | Art Fuse
Rachel Lee Hovnanian: In Plastic We Trust
Oscar Laluyan

2014 | BOMB Magazine
Rachel Hovnanian
Dorothy Spears

2014 | Vogue Russia
Loneliness in the Net

2014 | Tatler
Plastic Perfect Exhibition at Pechersky Gallery
Снежана Георгиева

2014 | Culture and Art Russia
Human Relationships in the Digital Age

2014 | 1st Dibs
This Unsettling Art Exhibit Will Make You Rethink Your Smartphone

2014 | Quest Magazine
Instant Gratification

2014 | Rolling Stone
Rachel Lee Hovnanian- Large-scale exposition of human relationships in the digital age
Марина Лягушина

2014 | Whitewall Magazine
Rachel Lee Hovnanian's Genetically Modified Dystopia
Sola Agustsson

2014 | PSKF
Explore Our Digital Obsession at Pop-Up Cereal Bar
Melanie Ehrenkranz

2014 | Food and Wine
One Artist Explores the Relationship Between Trix and Twitter
Rachel Corbett

2014 | Good Magazine
When Your Facebook Gets You As Crunked As Sugary Breakfast Cereal
Maxwell Williams

2014 | Forbes
Rachel Lee Hovnanian's Plastic Perfect Opens At Leila Heller Gallery, Attracts Serious Collectors
Bettina Zilkha

2014 | DNA Info
Free Lucky Charms and Frosted Flakes Coming to Artist's Pop-Up Cafe in SoHo
Danielle Tcholakian

2014 | We Heart
Healthy Appetites? Rachel Lee Hovnanian ponders our insatiable hunger for technology...
Rob Wilkes

2014 | New York Observer
The Invitation to 'Rachel Lee Hovnanian: Plastic Perfect' at Leila Heller Gallery is a Box of Froot Loops
Nate Freeman

2014 | Blouin Artinfo | English
Interview: Rachel Lee Hovnanian on Her New Years Feast
Belle Zhao

2014 | Blouin Artinfo | Chinese
Interview: Rachel Lee Hovnanian on Her New Years Feast
Belle Zhao

2014 | WWD.COM
Rachel Hovnanian Takes Conceptual Piece to China
Kathleen E. McLaughlin

2013 | 21C Museum Hotel News
Reality Bytes: ‘Dis-semblance’ looks into our new virtual reality

2013 | Art Monthly | China
Ma Lin

2013 | Al Arabiya Network
Art Dubai 2013: An international identity crisis explodes to life
Saffiya Ansari

Dinner For Two: Rachel Lee Hovnanian

2013 | The Modern Sybarite
The Legend of Narcissus Redux: A Reminder in the Art of Rachel Hovnanian
Richard Rabel

2012 | LA Weekly Blog
10 Great Artworks at Art Platform Los Angeles Art Fair
Shana Nys Dambrot

2012 | Gallerist NY
Rachel Lee Hovnanian Serves Up ‘Mud Pie’ at Leila Heller Gallery
Sasha Herman

2012 | Harper's Bazaar Online
Rachel Lee Hovnanian Gets Nostalgic with Mud Pie in New York Exhibit
Kristina Bustos

2012 | The Tory Blog
CultureSpotlight On: Rachel Lee Hovnanian
Tory Birch

2012 | Planet Magazine
Mud Pie: Rachel Lee Hovnanian
Sarah Coleman

2012 | Observer
Rachel Lee Hovnanian serves up 'Mud Pie' at Leila Heller Gallery
Sasha Herman

2012 | Sotheby's: Blogs
Frieze New York: Let Them Eat Cake
Lisa Dennison

2012 | Art Daily
Exhibition of Provocative New York by Rachel Lee Hovnanian on view at Leila Heller Gallery

2012 | New York Times | Dining & Wine
Just Don’t Order
Florence Fabricant

2012 | WWD.COM
Rachel Lee Hovnanian: Narcissus in an iPad
Alessandra Codinha

2012 | WWD.COM
West to East: Rachel Hovnanian Feted in Hong Kong

2011 | Huffington Post
ArtPlatform Top Ten Artists: Rachel Hovnanian
Mat Gleason

2011 | Gallerist NY
Gallerist NY in LA: Clad in Swimsuits, Performers Stroll Art Platform’s Aisles
Andrew Russeth

2011 | Popsugar
Artist Rachel Hovnanian Explores the Ugly Side of Beauty
Lacey Gattis

2011 | WWD.COM
Rachel Hovnanian's Savage Beauty
Alessandra Codinha

2011, Issue # 116 | Bomb Magazine
Rachel Hovnanian
Mini Thompson

2010 | Papercity | Cover + pp44-45
{BEAUTY} In Black and White
Laurann Claridge

2010 | El Mundo |
Reflexiones Sobre La Belleza
Roxana Ciucur

2010 | WWD.COM
Rachel Hovnanian’s ‘American Beauty’ Show Opens in Madrid
Barbara Barker

2010 |
Meet the lady who sculpted an 11’ tall Beauty Queen
Megan L. Reese

2010 |
Rachel Hovnanian: Mom Culture Online

Simone de beauvoir and the Beauty Queens

2010 | The New York Times, Sunday Ed.
Valley of the Dolls: Rachel Hovnanian
Maura Egan

2010 | O Magazine | pp65-75
Perfectly Suited
Lambreth Hochwald

2010 | John Haber, New York
Haber’s Art Reviews: Irene Caesar, Rachel Hovnanian, and Uta Barth

2010 | Artnews | p108
Rachel Hovnanian, Jason Mccoy
Celia McGee

2009 | The Huffington Post
What Price Beauty? One Artist’s Take
Kimberly Brooks

2009 | The Huffington Post
How obnoxious are the voices in your head?
Donna Fish

2009 | WWD.COM
New York Art Installation: Beauty Parlor

2009 | Glamour Magazine
What Do You Hear When You Step Into The Dressing Room?
Tracey Lomrantz Lester

2009 | Wall Street Journal Europe
Weekend Journal: Top picks
Paul Levy

2009 | White Hot Magazine
The Peculiar Narrative of Celebrati
Sophie Risner

2009 | Parasol Unit + Koenig Books | pp28-41, p71F
Parades and Processions: Here Comes Everybody, London
Ziba De Weck Ardalan

2007 | Elle Decor
The Suite Life
Various Illustrations | Laura Eden

2007 | Town & Country | p 162 | S.M.
Stealing Beauty

2006 | Lanoo Books (Publisher)
Piet Boon 2
Book Cover and Various Illustrations


Plastic Perfect
Catalog with an Essay by Judith Stein | 2014

New Years Feast
Catalog with Essays by Robin Peckham and Sarah Rossbach Fleming | 2014

Mud Pie
Catalog with an Essay by Michael Clive | 2012

Too Good to be True
Catalog with an Essay by Michael Clive | 2010

Power & Burden of Beauty
Catalog with an Essay by Michael Clive | 2009

Radio & Television

Sep 9, 2014 | Art Fuse Video
Rachel Lee Hovnanian: Leila Heller Gallery
Max Noy and Oscar Laluyan

October 8, 2012 | KXLU Los Angeles
Echo in the Sense: Art Platform Los Angeles - Interview
Christine Palma

Mat 14, 2012 | NY 1 News
Chelsea Artist Feeds off Modern  Hunger to the Fake
Stephanie Simon

May 8, 2011 | RTVE Spanish Television
Mirades 2” ‘Un Tarde en la Opera’
RTVE.ES | Footage from 10:20 to 12:30

February 2010 | PBS/KERA Radio 90.1 | Dallas, TX
Think: Power & Burden of Beauty